Collection of hand blown glass vases, produced at Anfora in Murano (VE), with the master Andrea Zilio.

Framed is the name of the collection and represents a challenge between a digital controlled shape, image of our contemporary design world, and the natural uncontrolled birth of the free blowing glass.


Framed is a collection of unique-numbered pieces (15) and it is divided in 3 editions, plus a center piece series:

The Acquamarina Edition (n. 1/5)
The Tortora Edition (n. 6/10)
The Cognac Edition (n. 11/15)
Center pieces series (n. 1/30)

The pieces are hand made, with no use of any kind of molds.


Acquamarina Edition is characterized by its lightblue/greenish color, recalling the Venice’s laguna lights and reflections.


Tortora Edition is characterized by its warm grey color, recalling the beauty of shades of the Tortora bird.


Cognac Edition is characterized by its deep yellow/brownish color, recalling the depth of the tones of the cognac.